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At Elevated Electric in Anaheim, CA, our team of professionals establishes a long-lasting relationship and a collaborative approach to deliver safer, smarter solutions that support multiple phases of your project and maintenance.

Our Services

Residential Electrical Specialists

If you are looking to buy a new home or sell your old home and require a complete electrical analysis of the property and wiring, our professionals in Anaheim, CA can handle that for you. We can set up, install, repair, or maintain additional dwelling units, custom home construction, remodeling, and more, and even help you check and upgrade your home’s wiring and paneling. Each of our services is priced at the best competitive market rates and our trained experts will ensure that your electrical needs both indoor and outdoor are handled correctly and safely

Lighting Experts

Our team of professionals in Anaheim, CA can help you with all your lighting needs, whether you are upgrading your home, renovating, or even investing in a new home. We not only check all your wiring and paneling to ensure that the electricity is stable and doesn’t ruin your equipment but we can also set up, install, and maintain your LED lighting, retrofit lighting, and architectural lighting for your home and landscape. Being trained and certified our experts are always a call away and will offer you helpful tips and upgrades on your lighting.

Electrical Panels – Service Equipment

At Elevated Electric, you may notice that you experience a lot of outages, fluctuations, or power cuts at your home and this could be the result of faulty wiring or other electrical issues. Our team of experts will check your breaker panel and wiring and offer you utility service upgrades, general panel upgrades, sub-panel upgrades, and even update your electrical system or install a new one. We offer our customers clear and detailed inspections and reports and ensure that your breakers and panels are always kept updated so that your home is kept safe and secure.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Whether you’ve invested in an electric vehicle or thinking of buying one, we can help you with setting up and planning your electric vehicle charging devices. Our team of experts will help you set up your charging device wherever you require it at your home along with offering you the best support, production solutions, and installing and upgrading your charging equipment. No matter if you have a residential BMW, Tesla, or Ford, we can help you improve the costs, energy efficiency, and value of your vehicle. We even offer you a warranty and maintenance from time to time to keep your charger in tip-top condition.

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Our team in Anaheim, CA is quick to respond to any electrical emergency and can fix the problem while adhering to the best safety procedures.

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