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Our company in Irvine, CA is the best in the business. That is why we offer affordable and transparent prices for the best services. We handle each project in a professional, safe and efficient way.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Irvine, CA like:

Residential Electrical Specialists

Our team of Electricians at Elevated Electric in Irvine CA offers installation, repair, replacement, and servicing for all your electrical needs. Whether you are investing in a new home or selling your old home, our team can help check and evaluate the wiring and electrical connections along with custom home construction, remodeling, and checking your additional dwelling unit. We offer unparalleled customer service and are ready to handle whatever life throws at us, be it a small job or a big project. We are always here to help you.

Lighting Experts

As a team of trained experts, we have all the tools, experience, and equipment required to get the job done quickly and efficiently the first time around. We can easily set up, install and maintain your electrical lighting indoors or outdoors as required. We train our professional technicians to be well-versed in any lighting needs you may have, right from LED lighting and lighting design to retrofitting and architectural lighting. Elevated Electric can even advise you how to go about the process for the best results.

Electrical Panels – Service Equipment

If you have old or worn-out panels, fluctuating lights, or even power surges then it may be time to replace or repair the panel. Our team of professional and highly qualified electricians in Irvine understands your housing needs. We will inspect the wiring and panels to determine if they need to be upgraded or replaced. We can resolve all your electrical panel issues, including defective breakers, utility service upgrades, general panel upgrades, and sub-panel upgrades. Our electricians will evaluate your needs and offer you the perfect solution for your home.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Our licensed and experienced electricians in Irvine will install the circuit and equipment required to charge your vehicles at full power in a fraction of the time. We will set up, install, maintain and repair your EV charger along with setting it up on your property the way you want so that you can easily charge your vehicle and take it out whenever you require. From residential Tesla and BMW chargers to Ford chargers, we can help you install energy-efficient charging stations that will save you money in the long run.


The Right Experience and Skills

Our team in Irvine, CA is licensed and insured. You can depend on us for all your electrical needs and we will make sure that we never disappoint you. You are experts and come with years of experience to efficiently work on big and small projects.

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