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Our company, Elevated Electric in La Habra, CA, takes health and safety very seriously. We are electrical experts and each member of our team is skilled and trained with the appropriate knowledge to competently undertake residential electrical projects.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in La Habra, CA like:

Residential Electrical Specialists

Our team of professionals in La Habra offers a vast range of residential electrical service upgrades. Whether you need to upgrade your service to a different phase, install electrical transform, check your new or old home wiring, or even install new panels and complete your permit and inspections for your additional dwelling unit, we have got you covered. Right from custom home construction to a remodel, additional dwelling units, and more, our experts will take care of all repairs, set-ups, installations, and more both indoor and outdoor.

Lighting Experts

If you are building your dream home, our team in La Habra can help you with the lighting design, wiring, control system, and electrical code. We make sure all state and local laws, codes, and permits are followed and take into account your LED lighting, retrofit lighting, and architectural lighting for your home and landscape. No job is too small or too big for us and right from small electrical repair and maintenance to large setups and improvements, we get your lighting work done with efficiency and functionality that add value to your home.

Electrical Panels – Service Equipment

Elevated Electric in La Habra makes your electrical inspections a priority. We understand how important your electrical panels, wiring, and devices are and if left worn out and old for a long time, they can cause a lot of power surges, outages, and more that can damage your home. We offer our customers detailed and clear inspections and reports and will even check if your panels need to be repaired, updated, or replaced. We offer a range of services like utility service upgrades, general panel upgrades, and sub-panel upgrades to make your home safer and more secure.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Our team of professionals offers ground-breaking charging, set-up, and production solutions coupled with end-to-end support and has years of experience when it comes to setting up and planning your EV charging devices. Whether you have a residential BMW, Ford, or Tesla vehicle, we make sure that all the charging stations are updated and set up as you require. We provide the utmost peace of mind as we handle maintenance and warranty as well.

Innovative Electricians in La Habra

At Elevated Electric in La Habra, CA, our team takes care of everything. Right from choosing the right equipment to installing and setting up your electrical, you can depend on us. We use the latest technologies and have the right tools and equipment for every project. We offer all our customers bespoke services that are customized to suit their needs and budgets.

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