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At Elevated Electric in Laguna Niguel, CA, we focus on excellence and customer satisfaction. We ensure that we give our complete attention to every project we work on. This allows us to deliver safe and reliable solutions to our clients.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Residential Electrical Specialists

Our team of professionals in Laguna Niguel, CA offers a range of residential electrical renovations and upgrades. Right from upgrading your kitchen wiring to basement paneling and even improving your custom home construction, remodeling, and additional dwelling units, we can help. Our team will check your wiring, complete your permit and inspections and ensure that everything is up to code, we even offer setup, installation, upgrades, and maintenance for all your electrical needs. We will clean up after ourselves and even offer you a courtesy call before and after to ensure that you are happy with the work done.

Lighting Experts

The lighting in your home is important and not only lends to your overall aesthetics but also the functionality of your home and its exteriors. However, faulty wiring or old panels can result in power cuts, surges, outages, and flickering lights. If you are experiencing these issues, it is time to get in touch with our licensed and insured electricians in Laguna Niguel, CA. Our team will not only check if your wiring is up to code and replace or upgrade it but will also set up a lighting design plan and install LED lighting, retrofit lighting, architectural lighting, and more. We ensure that your lighting is energy efficient so that you enhance the value of your home and enjoy cost savings.

Electrical Panels – Service Equipment

If you are facing any problems with your power supply like power cuts, outages, fluctuations, and more, it could be an issue with old or worn-out wiring. Our team of professionals in Laguna Niguel, CA will narrow down the issue and use high-end equipment to locate the problem, we will then either upgrade your switchboard or replace and repair your wiring. We also offer utility service upgrades, general panel upgrades, and sub-panel upgrades, and will even test out your equipment to ensure that it’s working properly so that your home can be safe and secure.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Whether you’ve recently bought an electric vehicle, like a residential Ford, Tesla, or BMW, or are thinking of buying one, charging your electric vehicle at home can be simple and seamless. Our team of experts can help you simply install and set up the charging station anywhere in your home. We also offer support, production solutions, and timely upgrades. We can tailor the electric charging stations to meet your vehicle’s needs. Our experts will handle all the technical specifications so that the charging process is simple and efficient.

Consistent and Reliable Electrical Servies in Laguna Niguel

At Elevated Electric in Laguna Niguel, CA, we do more than just help you set up, install and upgrade your electrical. You can depend on us to advise you on how to go about your project, improve your home safety and reduce the likelihood of errors. This keeps your home safe and secure.

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