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Elevated Electric in Newport Beach, CA is renowned for its high-quality work. We provide premium electrical solutions, wiring services, installations, set-ups, and more. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Newport Beach, CA.

Residential Electrical Specialists

Our experienced team of professional electricians in Newport Beach, CA, offers a comprehensive range of services for residential homes, remodeling, home construction, additional dwelling, and properties. Right from set-up and installation to upgrades, and maintenance, we provide quality workmanship for every project. Our trained, experienced and licensed technicians will check all your wiring and lighting. And, they will also set up setting up your electrical units, heating and cooling units, and more.

Lighting Experts

Whether you have a new home or an old house, one thing you might want to consider is getting a professional to check and refit your lighting, especially if your home is old or you are experiencing power outages, fluctuations, and surges. Our team will not only provide you with high-quality lighting set-up and installations but we will take care of LED lighting, retrofit lighting, and architectural lighting that provide you with energy savings and a lower utility bill. We will help keep your living space functional, and that, in turn, will increase the value of your home.

Electrical Panels – Service Equipment

A lot of people tend to have issues with their electrical supply which could be faulty or old wiring or even defective electrical panels. Our team will not only check the wiring at your home but also offer utility service upgrades, general panel upgrades, sub-panel upgrades, and more. That will ensure that your wiring is done properly and your switchboard is upgraded. We utilize the latest technology and have the right tools and equipment to find your faulty wiring and deal with it quickly and easily before it becomes a major problem.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Our experts in Newport Beach are adept at installing electric vehicle charging stations at your home. We will come to your residence and help set up, install and plug in your vehicle for its first charge. We handle all the maintenance, upgrades, and support so that you don’t need to get stressed about charging your residential BMW, Tesla, or Ford. Elevated Electric will even guide you on how to book your appointment or avail of your warranty.

 The Right Electrical Professional in Newport Beach

At Elevated Electric in Newport Beach, our professionals have the right tools, equipment, and training to ensure the best service.  When you use our services, you will be stress-free. We offer customized electrical solutions to our customers and we have a transparent priing policy.

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