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At Elevated Electric in Sunset Beach, CA, we have supplied, lifted, and installed construction and machinery projects as well as provided fast, knowledgeable and reliable services to a variety of clients to improve and meet their project needs.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Sunset Beach, CA like:

Residential Electrical Specialists

At Elevated Electric in Sunset Beach, CA, we make your home’s safety our top priority with our electrical inspection services. Our team of professionals offers a wide range of residential electrical services for your custom home construction, remodeling, and additional dwelling units right from checking your electrical wiring, to panel upgrades and replacing and installing devices. We even offer detailed and clear reports, helpful tips, and added support to guide you through the process and make it easier and more efficient for you.

Lighting Experts

If you are building your dream home or looking to upgrade your old one, our team of professionals in Sunset Beach, CA can help you. We use only the best electrical equipment and repair, set up, install and upgrade your lighting both indoors and outdoors quickly and safely. Right from LED lighting, retrofit lighting, and architectural lighting to pendant lights and more we will plan out your lighting design and carry out our work in the most reliable way. We have a ton of experience and skill when it comes to lighting fixtures and light installations and can help present an optimal solution after checking your requirements.

Electrical Panels – Service Equipment

Your home needs to have electrical equipment that is stable, energy-efficient, and reliable and if you are experiencing fluctuations, surges, or outages it could be an issue with your wiring, paneling, or switchboard. Our team of experts in Sunset Beach, CA can help provide you with complete maintenance, repair, and upgrade. We will check your equipment along with offering you a range of services like switchboard upgrades, complete wiring, utility service upgrades, general panel upgrades, sub-panel upgrade, and more.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Our team at Elevated Electric not only offers you easy EV charging setup and installation wherever you require it but we also provide you with production solutions, added support, timely maintenance, and a quick and simple way to charge your car at home. Whether you have a residential Tesla, BMW, or Ford we will check all technical specifications and ensure that you get a charger customized to your vehicle’s needs that are compatible and smart. You can call us anytime for advice and aftercare and our team will help you with any guidance that you need.

Licensed and Insured Leading Electrical Services

Our team at Elevated Electric in Sunset Beach, CA will take care of all your heavy-duty electrical needs and give you a free quote as well as provide advice and guidance on what your job will entail.

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