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At Elevated Electric in Tustin, CA our wide-ranging experience allows us to overcome any residential electrical problem, from lighting up your property inside out to fixing any electrical issue in a timely and efficient manner. We handle all the hard work so that you can rest easy.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Tustin, CA like:

Residential Electrical Specialists

Here at Elevated Electric in Tustin, CA, whether you are buying or selling a home, we check and inform you of the property’s electrical condition and systems along with offering any repair, set-up, installment, or upgrade that may be required. Right from custom home construction to a remodel, additional dwelling units, and more we can help you every step of the way to ensure that your electrical needs are on point. Our team has the best equipment and always keeps up-to-date with the current and local laws and codes to ensure that your electricals are handled correctly.

Lighting Experts

Well-designed lighting can transform the exterior and interior of your home along with offering functionality and style. Our team of experts in Tustin can handle any small or big lighting project from setting up a pendant or fairy lights to handling LED lighting, retrofit lighting, and architectural lighting. We make sure to check your wiring, panels, electrical boards, and more to ensure that your lighting is stable and doesn’t fluctuate, shot, or get overheated. This can help save you energy in the long run and lower your utility costs while improving the value of your home.

Electrical Panels – Service Equipment

Our team of experts at Elevated Electric in Tustin, CA, understand that electrical panels, wiring, and circuit breakers are the most important part of your home and should only be handled by qualified professionals. We offer a wide range of services like utility service upgrades, general panel upgrades, and sub-panel upgrades, along with installing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading your panels from time to time. This can help keep your home wiring and equipment safe and electricity stable.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With a home charger, you can rest assured that we’ve got all your electric vehicle charging needs covered. Our team of experts will ensure that all your chargers are updated, and set up, as required, and even comes with maintenance and aftercare. From a residential BMW, Ford, or Tesla our trained support team is on hand to offer you any guidance, or advice and deal with any issues you are facing seamlessly and efficiently so that you can easily charge your vehicle while you sleep.

Customized Electrical Handling Solutions

Our team at Elevated Electric in Tustin, CA offers a variety of specialist and professional electrical solutions, installations, services, repairs, and upgrades and can get any job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

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