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Is your electrical system grounded?

In your home and business, your electrical panels, ground, circuit breakers, and wiring need to be regularly inspected and checked for, burning, corrosion, and out dated circuit breakers and panel boards. If we find them they need to be replaced and or properly repaired.

Oftentimes, electricity can be overlooked and almost taken for granted. You need to make sure that your electrical system including panels are safe and up-to-date!, Make sure your circuit breakers  comply with local laws and N.E.C regulations.

Our team of professionals undertake all tasks like main switchboard upgrades, circuit breaker replacement, surge protection. service panel upgrades, Spa and Jacuzzi power panels and much more.

Secure Fast Service Panel Upgrades and Repairs

The switchboard in your place controls and distributes electricity to various parts of your property, even exterior. If it encounters any faults, this can lead to problems affecting the lighting in your home to surge or cause power outages and voltage issues.

All your dedicated circuits, fuses, grounding and bonding systems, and more! Need to be regularly checked, repaired, or even upgraded eventually. If you notice any surges or problems with your power supply? This could lead to a deeper problem and our professionals can help! We can diagnose and test the system for you and determine if you need to upgrade the switchboard?  Or maybe install Surge Protector Protection for your property.

2020 NEC Code Change: Surge Protection Now Required The 2020 NEC (National Electric Code) has made surge protection required for service replacements and upgrades. With a new service, service upgrade, or service replacement, there must now be a type 1 or type 2 surge protector installed.

We offer you upfront quotes and perform repairs when needed so that you can keep your homes electrical system safe, all while saving a lot of energy and money on your investment in the long run.

Smart Controls and Systems the easy way

Be it your home or business, when it comes to your panel, you need to ensure that your utilities are safe and secured.

Our team of experts at Elevated Electric can help you out with this,

Contact and we will schedule service or job walk for an estimate   

Services not limited too:

Utility / Service Upgrade / General Panel / Upgrade / Update / Sub Panel additions / Surge Protection / AFCI and GFCI / Circuit Breakers / Spa and Jacuzzi Dedicated Circuits / Disconnects / Electrical Main Panel Inspections / 120-volt and 240-volt Dedicated Circuits / Air Conditioner Circuits / AC Disconnects / Ground and Bonding system evaluation safety/ Troubleshooting / System Repair / Ground rods /

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